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Japan Tour 2000 Special

Japan Tour 2005 Special

Rock 'n' Roll Junkie

Crueheads a Go-Go Presents
Rock 'N' Roll Junkie 3 - Crueheads Strikes Back

* update 2005/ 12


05:00pm - 08:45pm : at Rock'N' Roll Junkie 3

"Rock ‘N' Roll Junkie"

CF - VH-1 (Red, White & Crue - Better Live Than Dead) '04
"Girls, Girls Girls" - live from Spike TV Award '04
"Sick Love Song" - Video Clip
Presenter - from Billboard Music Award '04
Closing bell - NYSE, New York Stock Exchange'04
CF - Ticketmaster (Red, White & Crue Tour... for 3/26 Oakland Arena) '04
"If I Die Tommorrow" - Video Clip
"Home Sweet Home" - live from LIVE8 '05
"Red Hot" - live from Rock Am Ring '05
"Anarchy In The U.K." - live from Rock Am Ring '05
"Home Sweet Home '05" - Video Clip

"I'm a Liar (That's the Truth)"

"Can't Have Your Cake" / VINCE NEIL - Video Clip
"Hooligan's Holiday" - Video Clip / feat: John Corabi
Forever Wild #13 (Vince with Sebastian Bach) '02
Dashboard Dreams (Vince's Ferrari) '03
Still Standing (Vince - Drama appearance!) '03
"I Don't Care" / BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION - live from Conan O'brien Show '04
"Natural Born Killers" / BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION - live from Summer Sonic '04
Romancing The Squares (Nikki with Donna D'Errico) '03
Nikki's 40th Birthday Live (Nikki with Donna D'Errico & Vince, Mick, Tommy,) '99
"Shout at the Devil" ~ "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" - live from MTV 20th Anniversary Live (Tommy with Rob Halford & SUM41) '00
Marching Band - from the TV serial [Tommy Lee Goes to College] (Tommy) '05
"Fight For Your Right" - from the TV serial [Tommy Lee Goes to College] (Tommy) '05
"Good Times" / TOMMY LEE - live from Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson '05

"Bittersuite" / MICK MARS

"Take Me To The Top" - live from US Festival '83
"Knock 'Em Dead Kid" - live from US Festival '83
"Too Young To Fall In Love" - Video Clip
"Wild Side" - live from Yoru-no-Hit-Studio '87
"Dancing On Glass" - live from Tacoma '87
Tommy's 'Spin' Drum Solo - live from Tacoma '87
"Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)" - live from American Music Award '90
"Rock N' Roll Junkie" - from the Movie [The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane] (Vince with Randy Castillo)'90
"Shout at the Devil '97" - live from MTV Video Music Award '97
"Afraid" - Video Clip
"Girls, Girls, Girls" - live from VH1 Hard Rock Live'99 / feat: Randy Castilo
"Hell On High Heels" - live from Jay Leno Show '00 / feat: Samantha Maloney

"Too Fast For Love (Alt. Intro)"

"All In The Name Of ..." - live from Moscow Music Peace Festival '89
"Girls, Girls, Girls" - Video Clip
"Wild Side" - Video Clip
"Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)" - Video Clip
"Smokin' In The Boys Room" - Video Clip
"Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S)" - Video Clip
"Dr. feelgood" - Video Clip
"Primal Scream" - Video Clip
"Home Sweet Home" - Video Clip
"Looks That Kill" - Video Clip
"Kickstart My Heart" - Video Clip
"Live Wire" - Video Clip

09:30pm - 11:30pm : at After Party

VH1 (Inside) Out : resurrecting Motley Crue '05
Band Interview - CNN Larry King Show '04
Band Interview - Jimmy Kimmel Show '04
"If I Die Tomorrow" - live from Jimmy Kimmel Show '04
"Girls, Girls Girls," - live from Jay Leno Show '04
Nikki & Tommy Interview - Regis & Kelly Show '05
Tommy Interview - Views '05
Tommy Interview - Regis & Kelly Show '05
Tommy Interview - Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson '05
MTV CRIBS (Vince's Home) ''05
Fubulous Life Classics '05
Remaking : Vince Neil '05

"Find Myself"
"Bad Boy Boogie"
"Treat Me Like The Dog I Am"
"Bitter Pill"
"Come On And Dance"
"City Boy Blues"
"Rattlesnake Shake"
"A Rat Like Me"
"Five Years Dead"
"New Tattoo"
"Merry - Go - Round"
"Fight For Your Rights"
"She Goes Down"
"Sumthin' For Nuthin'"
"1st Band On The Moon"
"Street Fighting Man"
"Healter Skelter"
"On With The Show"
"Raise Your Hands To Rock"
"Slice Of Your Pie"
"She Needs Rock'n Roll"


当サイトでは、Motleyファンで楽しむDJイベント 「Rock 'N' Roll Junkie(略称:ロケジャン)」を不定期に開催してきましたが、
今回、Motley Crue待望の来日となる今年の11月に、来日公演タイミングに合わせての開催を予定しています...

Event Info...
2005年11月26日 (土曜日)
 start 05:00pm〜09:00am


 詳しい地図はこちら→ Click! )

 2杯目からの追加ドリンクは 各自で清算です


about "Rock 'N' Roll Junkie"...
"Rock 'N' Roll Junkie"とは、Motley Crueファンサイト
「Crueheads a Go-Go」主催による、クラブ/DJイベントです。
Motley Crueはもちろん、その他の関連バンドや秘蔵映像の数々を大音量でガンガン聴きながら、飲んだり、踊ったり、友達を見つけてみたり...興奮の一夜を皆で過ごしませんか?

*音源の部は通常同様、Motley Crueまみれ!
MOTLEY CRUEのナンバーは全曲 何度でもリクエストOK、またMotley 各メンバーのソロや、BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION, UNIONなど関連バンドのナンバーもガンガンかけます!


from Crueheads a Go-Go...
毎回のことながら、今回も堅苦しい挨拶や、自己紹介タイム等は一切無し...ひたすら「Motley Crueまみれの一夜」だけを目標に黙々と運営しますので、あとは ご自身のスタイルに合わせて好きに飲んで楽しんで頂ければOKです (勿論、参加者同士の交流は大歓迎!、また お1人参加などで心細い方も、スタッフ(ワシ含む)でケアしますので大丈夫です)...横浜公演に赴かれる方は前日のプレ・イベントとして盛り上がるもよし、また既に見終わった方は来日公演の余韻に浸るもよし、沢山の皆様の参加をお待ちしております〜

また、Motley Crueのメンバーは、この時期は"東京"には居ます、ただし、どこで遊んでるかは知りません(笑)

  → ロケジャン参加申込み


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